bottled water for healthy hydration


Water is a key essential to keeping our bodies healthy. Water is the second most important thing required the body after air, which we need every minute. We especially need it during the hotter drier months of summer. Also, if you are staying fit by exercising, you lose body fluid by sweating and require to keep hydrated. Here are some guidelines on leading a healthy water balanced life

  1. Keeping your body properly hydrated with water is essential. It is recommended to drink at least six to eight glasses of good, clean water daily. Alcohol, coffee, sodas, and other sugary beverages do not count as liquids to drink to keep your body tissues hydrated. Instead, they have the opposite effect, dehydration. However, liquids like fresh juices and herbal teas count as choices for proper hydration due to their high water content. Incorporating vegetables and fresh fruits in our diets also add to our water intake. Water supports our immune system and helps flush out toxins from our immune systems
  2. Ensure to take good clean water. Most of the piped water and well water are suspect for contamination by city toxins with microbes and chemicals. It is crucial to invest in a good filtration system to ensure that the water you drink is clean and free of any toxins. Also, consider buying bottled water from natural springs, or water bottled after filtration.
  3. Drink water that has more alkaline. Water from alkaline water systems contains added bicarbonates such as magnesium and calcium salts. These salts offer your body healing and balancing effects that go a long way to maintaining a healthy body.
  4. Find out the right water balance for you. This is based on your body size, the amount of physical activity, how much you exercise and sweat, the climate in your locality and your diet. It is important to prioritize water hydration if your diet consists of fats and proteins, to help your body healthfully flush them through your system. During the dry weather, try drinking two or three more glasses of water than usual.
  5. Exercise regularly. Unless you are unable or injured, it is essential to involve yourself in physical activity and keep your body on the move. Challenging your body is critical to your health. Exercising will help you flush out body toxins through sweat, creating the need for fluid replacement. Drink cool water, and don’t wait for thirst to tell you when to drink. Water will help moderate cardiovascular stress, reduce body temperature and improve body performance.
  6. Consider adding nutrients to your water to make it healthier and more palatable. Many have confessed to having a distaste for plain water. If this is the case with you, try flavored bottled waters to see if you like one. Add some lime, lemon, or a tea bag to give it some flavor. Nutrient powders like Emergen-C or Power-Paks that are available in stores can also be added.
  7. Drink two to three glasses of water first thing in the morning when you wake up. Starting the day with a cup of water, especially a hot one, awakens you and your digestion. You can substitute water for other warming drinks like lemon water, herbal and green teas, vegetable broth, and chai. Sipping hot water through the day is also believed to be a popular therapy for illness.
  8. Drink water between meals rather than while eating. Increased fluids tend to dilute the strength of digestive juices, lowering the efficiency of digestion and assimilation.
  9. If you are looking to drop some pounds, try drinking a couple of glasses of water thirty minutes before eating. The water will hydrate the tissues, curb your appetite, and therefore lower the amount of food you consume.
  10. Use water to bathe your body regularly. Soaking your skin in water helps you relax and keep your skin healthy. It is also important as it helps in good blood circulation.

Water is essential for healthy living. If you keep track of your water intake, you are sure to have a healthy and hydrated life.